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Aha moments

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

We can all use a few "aha" moments, in business and pleasure

I’ve been struggling with some things lately but the one that I was least patient with was my loss of confidence at mountain biking. I don’t know what happened but all of sudden I was nervous about everything. I blamed it on the bike Dale built me for my birthday. The bike is actually great but I thought maybe the new-ish-ness of it was throwing me off. Nope that wasn’t it.

I was riding along thinking about my skills, or lack thereof, in riding tight switchbacks. I dab, a lot. For you non-bike-y types that means I put my foot down in the corners. Then something that Dale had suggested to me finally clicked in my head. He said to think of cornering like on a motorcycle, but my brain was not computing. Then in the middle of a ride I thought about it a little more and it occurred to me that I’ve been trying to steer through the corners. Something I would never do on a motorcycle where counter steering is the thing to do. I just needed to lean into the corner more and voila, less dabbing.

A few more rides on the bike and I realized it really is a nice bike, light, likes to roll over things, and generally great. Other than the banana yellow colour (but don’t tell Dale that) it’s great. I went on a little ride tonight and had another aha moment. I was thinking about going downhill and how Dale and Tag always bug me about my knees gripping the top tube. Wide knees and wide elbows are supposed to give better stability and maneuverability but I just couldn’t seem to get my knees out without feeling awkward and forced. Not sure how that’s supposed to improve my riding! Then it happened. I opened my hips like in a yoga butterfly pose and my knees just opened up, like magic.

Why did no one ever tell me to open up my hips?! It all makes sense now. It’s funny how someone can tell you something over and over but until your mind opens up and allows the thought to take root, you just reject it. These 2 things will likely improve my riding quite a bit once they become second nature. But for now I’ll just nurture the sprouts of these ideas and be happy they set down roots. Something to think about in business too...


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