Start up & business planning

Kreativ Werks helps you take your idea for a business and create a sound plan for success. If you have already launched your business and now realize you need more strategy and focus, we guide the process. Kreativ Werks will take you step by step through creation of a business, including value proposition, customer segmentation, competitive landscape, technology/product/service development, marketing and sales plans, pro forma financials, and human resource plans. We will deliver you a comprehensive guide to launch of your business. 

Marketing planning & execution

Our market strategy services include research on market, competition, barriers, and customer segments. If you require more hands on engagement, we can manage your marketing presence in both traditional (print, radio, trade shows, events, etc) and online (web, social media) spaces. Our creative experience can help you build the look and presence you are seeking. We partner with additional firms for an end to end solution beginning with visioning and storyboarding and ending with results-driven marketing vehicles.

Distribution, commercial strategy, sales enablement, sales training

Kreativ Werks can assist you in all aspects of the sales cycle for your business. We can access how to best bring your products to market, look at direct and indirect selling programs, help implement customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and train your sales utilizing components of multiple selling methodologies (Miller Heiman Strategic Selling, Challenger, Outcomes) or create a customized program. 

Professional coaching & mentoring

On a limited basis, we are amenable to engage in professional coaching and mentoring relationships with business owners and leadership staff. Drawing upon years of coaching and mentoring, each experience will be unique to the needs and desires of the client.

Business operations

Kreativ Werks can bring Six Sigma and LEAN methodology into a practical and ready to use format. 

Technical writing, commercial documents & contracts

We have experience in the creation of technical documentation and government grant writing. We are not lawyers, but have expertise in complex commercial contracting with large organizations and government.

Organizational design, corporate culture, employee engagement

Kreativ Werks has the experience to share in the development of winning teams. We can assist you in developing plans to grow your business, find and develop the right people, build great culture and keep top talent employees.

Product development & management

Kreativ Werks works to define your product development plan and manage in-house or external agencies to get your product to market sooner and with higher quality.

Fractional leadership roles

Kreativ Werks can engage with your organization in interim leadership positions, such as Director, GM, CxO. These engagements are individual and unique, tailored to the specific needs of the client and circumstances for the role.

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